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Free Crochet Turtle Pattern with Video Tutorial

Free Crochet Turtle Pattern

Welcome to the enchanting world of crochet!

If you're a beginner looking for an adorable and easy project to dive into, we've got just the thing: a Free Crochet Turtle Pattern with Video Tutorial

This delightful pattern is perfect for those new to crocheting, providing step-by-step guidance alongside helpful visuals.

Get ready to create your very own charming turtle friend with ease and confidence.

Key Takeaways

  • Modda Hobby Kits offer a perfect starting point for crochet beginners, including a free video course and 11 free patterns.

  • The Free Crochet Turtle Pattern with Video Tutorial is an easy and adorable project that even beginners can complete using the step-by-step guide provided in the article.

Modda Crochet Kit for Beginners

Modda Hobby Kits: Perfect For Crochet Beginners

Modda Hobby Kits are the ideal choice for those who want to start crocheting as they come equipped with everything beginners need to get started.

Features Of The Kit

The Modda Hobby Kits truly stand out as a fantastic starting point for anyone interested in exploring the world of crocheting.

Here are some key features that make this kit an excellent choice for beginners:

  • Comprehensive starter kit: The kit includes everything needed to begin your crochet journey, such as 20 color yarns, various accessories like hooks and scissors, and a canvas tote bag for storage.

  • Free video course: The kit comes with a free video course designed specifically for beginners, making learning how to crochet a fun and interactive experience.

  • 11 free patterns: Apart from the adorable turtle pattern featured in this article, Modda Hobby Kits provide 10 additional free patterns to help you create a variety of projects and build your skills.

  • Suitable for all ages: The simple and easy-to-follow nature of these patterns makes them perfect for people of all ages looking to try their hand at crocheting.

  • High-quality materials: The yarns provided in the kit are vibrant, durable, and soft – ensuring that your handmade creations will be both visually stunning and loved by all who snuggle with them.

  • Easy-to-follow instructions: Each pattern is accompanied by step-by-step instructions complete with pictures, making it easy even for those new to crocheting to follow along.

  • Supportive community: Purchasing a Modda Hobby Kit also gives you access to an online crochet community where you can share your work, ask questions, and get inspiration from fellow crafters.

Free Online Crochet Classes

Benefits Of The Kit

Modda Hobby Kits offer a comprehensive package that is perfect for crochet beginners.

In addition to the free crochet turtle pattern with video tutorial, here are some benefits of the kit:

  • Includes all necessary materials: The kit comes with 20 color yarns, accessories, and a crochet starter kit, meaning you won't have to worry about sourcing materials separately.

  • Canvas tote bag: The kit also includes a canvas tote bag that is perfect for storing your crochet supplies or taking your project on-the-go.

  • Perfect for beginners: With a free video course included in the kit, you can learn how to crochet at your own pace. The turtle pattern provided is also designed specifically for beginners.

  • Variety of patterns: In addition to the free turtle pattern, the kit includes 11 other patterns that you can try once you've mastered crocheting basic stitches.

  • A fun and creative hobby: Crocheting is a great way to unwind and express your creativity. With Modda Hobby Kits, you can get started on this rewarding hobby with ease.

  • Affordable: At an affordable price point, Modda Hobby Kits offer great value for money. You'll get all the materials you need in one package without breaking the bank on Amazon.

Best Crochet Starter Kit on Amazon

Free Crochet Turtle Pattern Tutorial

Learn how to crochet a cute and simple turtle with Modda Hobby Kits' free pattern tutorial!

With step-by-step picture instructions and a video tutorial, this is the perfect project for beginners.

Plus, you can download the Free Crochet Turtle Pattern PDF.

Step-by-Step Guide With Pictures

Here is a step-by-step guide with pictures to help you crochet your very own turtle using the free pattern from Modda Hobby Kits:

  1. Start by gathering all necessary materials, including yarn, crochet hook, and stuffing.

  2. Begin with a magic circle and single crochet six stitches into it.

Crochet a Turtle

  1. Increase in each stitch around, resulting in 12 stitches.

  2. Continue increasing until the desired size of your turtle body is reached.

  3. To create the head, switch to a smaller hook and single crochet three stitches. Then chain one and turn your work.

Free Crochet Turtle Pattern

  1. Single crochet two stitches together at the beginning of each row until only one stitch remains.

  2. Fasten off and sew the head onto the body of the turtle.

  3. Create four legs by chaining four and then single crocheting back into each chain stitch along the row.

Learn to Crochet a Turtle

  1. Sew all four legs onto the bottom of the turtle's body.

  2. Finally, add eyes and any other details you desire using embroidery floss or buttons to complete your cute little turtle friend!

By following this step-by-step guide with pictures, even beginners can successfully complete this adorable project using Modda Hobby Kits' free crochet turtle pattern!

How to Crochet a turtle tutorial

Materials Needed

To create the crochet turtle using the free pattern tutorial from Modda Hobby Kits, you will need to gather the following materials:

  • Yarn in various colors (the Modda Hobby Kits come with 20 color yarns)

  • Crochet hook (size recommended by the pattern or based on personal preference)

  • Stuffing material (polyester fiberfill or other preferred filling)

  • Scissors

  • Tapestry needle for weaving in ends and sewing pieces together

  • Stitch markers (optional but helpful for keeping track of rounds)

That's all! With these materials in hand, you can start on your crochet turtle project right away.

Modda Crochet Beginner Kit for Adults

Video Tutorial

The free crochet turtle pattern comes with a step-by-step video tutorial that's perfect for beginners who want to learn how to crochet.

The video tutorial is easy to follow and provides clear instructions on each step of the process, making it easier to understand and complete the pattern.

You can easily pause or rewind the video if you miss a step, ensuring that you don't get lost in the process.

Final Thoughts And Creative Ideas

Get creative with variations to the turtle pattern, add some fun additions to your project, and share your finished product on social media for others to see and appreciate.

Free Crochet Video Tutorials

Variations To The Turtle Pattern

If you want to add your personal touch to the crochet turtle pattern, here are some fun and creative ideas to try:

  1. Use different colors: Instead of sticking to the traditional green color, experiment with other hues such as blue, pink, or purple.

  2. Add details: You can embellish your crocheted turtle with embroidered eyes or a cute smile. You can also use felt or fabric paint to create scales on the shell.

  3. Change the size: If you want a bigger or smaller turtle, adjust the number of stitches accordingly.

  4. Try different stitches: Play around with various crochet stitches such as single crochet, double crochet, or half-double crochet to create unique textures.

  5. Create a family of turtles: Once you have mastered the pattern, make several turtles in different sizes and colors for an adorable display.

By experimenting with these variations, you can customize your crocheted turtle and make it truly one-of-a-kind.

Learn to crochet with free video course

Fun Additions To The Project

Looking to add some extra flair to your crochet turtle project?

Here are some fun and creative ideas to try out:

  1. Add a belly design: You can use a different color or texture of yarn to create a unique design on the turtle's belly, such as stripes, polka dots, or even a heart shape.

  2. Embellish with accessories: Try adding some cute accessories like bows, ribbons, or buttons to give your turtle some personality.

  3. Create a habitat: Use felt or other materials to create a little scene for your turtle. You could make a miniature beach complete with sand and shells, or perhaps a cozy log for your turtle to snuggle in.

  4. Personalize with initials: Using embroidery thread, you can add your initials or those of the person you're giving the turtle to on its shell.

  5. Make a family of turtles: Why stop at just one? With different yarn colors and variations on the pattern, you could create an entire family of adorable crochet turtles.

With these fun additions and more, you're sure to have a blast bringing your crochet turtle project to life!

Modda Crochet Kit with free video course

Sharing Your Finished Product On Social Media.

Once you've completed your cute little crochet turtle, it's time to show off your hard work!

Creating something with your own hands is a rewarding experience, and sharing the finished product with others can be even more satisfying.

One great way to do this is by posting pictures on social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook.

Another idea is to gift your crocheted turtle to someone special in your life.

Whether it's a child who loves stuffed animals or a friend who appreciates handmade gifts, giving away what you've made can bring joy both to yourself and those around you.

Best Online Crochet Classes


In conclusion, Modda Hobby Kits offer an excellent opportunity for beginners to learn the art of crocheting with a free video course and 11 free crochet patterns.

The crochet turtle pattern is a fun and easy project that can be completed using the step-by-step guide, pictures, and video tutorial provided in this article.

Additionally, the kit includes 20 color yarns, accessories, a canvas tote bag, and a starter kit to help you get started on your creative journey.

Whether you're looking for simple crochet projects or unique handmade toys to gift to children or loved ones, this pattern is sure to inspire your creativity.

Modda Crochet kit for Beginners on Amazon


What skill level is required to complete the Modda Hobby Kits crochet turtle pattern?

The Modda Hobby Kits crochet turtle pattern is designed for those with intermediate-level crocheting skills. However, beginners can also try their hand at this project with the help of the included video tutorial and written instructions.

Do I need any specific materials to make the crochet turtle?

Yes, you will need some materials such as yarn, a crochet hook (size specified in the pattern), stuffing material, a tapestry needle, scissors, and safety eyes (optional). All these materials are available in the Modda Crochet Kit for Beginners.

Can I sell products made using this free crochet turtle pattern?

Yes! You have permission to sell finished products created using this free tutorial from Modda Hobby Kits. However, it's important to give credit where due by linking back to the original tutorial on their website or social media pages.

Is there support available if I get stuck while making my own crocheted turtle?

Absolutely! The crochet community at Modda Hobby Kits is always happy to offer assistance should anyone encounter difficulties when making their own crocheted turtle from their free pattern and video tutorial. They'll be more than happy to assist you through your project completion journey.

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