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We updated our servers and move our video courses to a new platform to serve you better.


You  can easily get your new invitation by entering your name and email address into the form if you registered before 01/01/2023. If you need further help, please contact us at

Modda  Hobby Kits  Free Hobby Courses

What is inside? 

Inside you will find many video courses that we have prepared for you which you can both enjoy and learn. 

This isn't all.

You will also be part of an amazing community where you can connect with many people who share the same passion as you.


You will also have access to;

  • 💟 Secret Discounts that only our best customers get

  • 💟 First in line access to our new hobby kit launches

  • 💟 Expert tips and tutorials on how to get the best results with our hobby kits

  • 💟 And priority level customer service


Modda  Hobby Kits  Free Hobby Courses
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