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Free Crochet Octopus Pattern with Video Tutorial

free crochet octopus pattern

Dive into the world of crochet with the Free Crochet Octopus Pattern and Video Tutorial from Modda Hobby Kits!

This beginner-friendly project is perfect for anyone looking to pick up a new creative hobby, as it offers step-by-step instructions and helpful tips through an easy-to-follow video tutorial.

With this comprehensive guide, you'll be creating adorable amigurumi stuffed animals in no time.

Key Takeaways

  • The Crochet Kit for Beginners from Modda comes with everything you need to get started, including yarn, hooks, and accessories. It also includes access to their online video course featuring 11 free patterns.

  • Additional variations of the crochet octopus pattern are available, including medium-sized and small-sized options for more experienced crocheters or those who want a different-sized plushie.

  • Crocheting has therapeutic benefits that can provide relaxation and stress relief while also allowing you to express your creativity through crafting.

Best Crochet kit for Beginners on Amazon

Modda's Crochet Kit For Beginners: An Overview

Are you looking for a new crafting hobby that's both fun and relaxing? Look no further than Modda Hobby Kits!

Their Crochet Kit for Beginners comes with everything you need to get started, including yarn, hooks, and even a canvas tote bag.

Plus, with 11 free patterns and access to their video course, you'll be crocheting like a pro in no time.

One of the included patterns is a free crochet octopus pattern with an easy-to-follow video tutorial - perfect for beginners!

Keep reading to learn more about this exciting kit.

What's Included In The Kit

The Modda Crochet Kit for Beginners comes packed with a variety of materials and tools to help you get started on your crochet journey. Here's a breakdown of what's included in the kit:

  • 20 different colored yarns, ensuring you'll have plenty of options to choose from for your projects

  • A set of high-quality crochet hooks, suitable for both beginners and experienced crocheters

  • Accessories such as stitch markers, needles, and scissors to aid in your crafting process

  • A sturdy canvas tote bag that conveniently holds all your supplies together while on-the-go

  • Access to an online video course featuring 11 free patterns, perfect for kickstarting your new hobby

  • The step-by-step video tutorial and written instructions for the free crochet octopus pattern, providing valuable guidance for this adorable project

With everything you need right at your fingertips, the Modda Crochet Kit allows beginners to dive head-first into the world of crochet and create beautiful pieces with ease.

Crochet Tools You Need

How To Access The Video Course

To access the video course for Modda Hobby Kits' free crochet octopus pattern, simply purchase the beginner's crochet kit from Amazon.

Once you receive your kit, you can log in to the website and access the video tutorials at any time.

The video is easy to follow and provides step-by-step instructions that are perfect for beginners.

Modda Crochet Kit with Free Video Course

Benefits For Beginner Crocheters

The Modda Crochet Kit for Beginners offers a variety of benefits for those just starting with the craft.

With clear instructions and easy-to-follow video tutorials, even those who have never picked up a crochet hook before can jump in and start creating.

In addition to building skills and providing an avenue for creative expression, crochet has been shown to have therapeutic benefits as well.

Many find the repetitive motion of crocheting to be calming and stress-relieving, making it an excellent way to unwind after a long day or week.

Free Online Crochet Classes

The Free Crochet Octopus Pattern: Step-by-Step Instructions And Video Tutorial

Learn how to crochet an adorable octopus plush with Modda Hobby Kits' free pattern and step-by-step video tutorial.

And you can download the pattern from here: Free Crochet Octopus Pattern.

Required Materials And Tools

To crochet the free octopus pattern from Modda Hobby Kits, you will need the following materials and tools:

  • Worsted weight yarn in your choice of colors

  • Crochet hook (size G is recommended for beginners)

  • Stuffing material (Fiberfill or cotton stuffing)

  • Yarn needle for weaving in ends and sewing parts together

  • Scissors

  • Stitch marker (optional but helpful for marking rounds)

The Modda Crochet Kit for Beginners also includes all these necessary items, so you can get started right away without having to hunt down individual supplies.

With the included high-quality yarn, hooks, stuffing material, and other accessories provided in the kit, you can create an adorable stuffed octopus with ease.

Remember to follow the video course and step-by-step instructions to make sure your project comes out perfectly!

Learn to crochet an octopus

Skill Level Required

The free crochet octopus pattern from Modda Hobby Kits is perfect for beginners who are looking to learn how to crochet.

No prior experience is required, but it's recommended that you have a basic understanding of single crochet stitches and working in rounds.

The instructions and video tutorial are easy to follow and provide step-by-step guidance on creating the foundation chain, shaping the octopus's head and arms, stuffing, and finishing techniques.

Modda Crochet Starter kit

Creating The Foundation Chain And Single Crochet Stitches

To get started on the free crochet octopus pattern from Modda Hobby Kits, you'll need to know how to create the foundation chain and single crochet stitches.

Here's how:

  1. First, make a slipknot by looping the yarn around your fingers and pulling the end through the loop.

  2. Insert your crochet hook into the slipknot and tighten it slightly.

  3. Yarn over (wrap the yarn over your hook) and pull it through the slipknot loop.

  4. Continue to yarn over and pull through loops until you reach your desired number of stitches for your foundation chain.

  5. To create single crochet stitches, insert your hook into the second chain from the hook.

  6. Yarn over and pull it through that chain stitch.

  7. Yarn over again and pull it through both loops on your hook.

  8. Continue this process across the entire foundation chain, creating one single crochet in each chain stitch.

  9. When you reach the end of a row, simply turn your work and repeat steps 5-8 in each stitch across again for subsequent rows.

  10. Keep practicing until you feel comfortable with these basic stitches before moving on to creating the octopus shape!

Remember that Modda Hobby Kits offers a video tutorial along with their free pattern, so you can see these instructions in action as well as read them here!

How to Crochet an Octopus

Working In Rounds To Shape The Octopus Head And Arms

To create the adorable octopus toy, you will work in rounds to shape the head and arms. Here's how:

  1. Start with a magic circle and single crochet six stitches into it.

  2. Increase in each stitch to get twelve stitches in total.

  3. Continue increasing every alternate stitch until you reach thirty - six stitches.

  4. Work even for eight more rounds until the head is of desired length.

  5. To create arms, work in the same way, but decrease two or three stitches after every fourth round to give them a pointed shape.

  6. Stuff as you go along, and use a stitch marker if necessary to keep track of your progress.

By following these steps, you'll end up with an adorable plush octopus that's perfect for cuddling!

Free Crochet video tutorials

Stuffing And Finishing Techniques

Once you finish crocheting your octopus, it's time to stuff and finish it. Here are some tips and techniques to help you achieve the perfect stuffed animal:

  1. Use a quality stuffing material like polyester fiberfill that is durable, washable and hypoallergenic.

  2. Stuff the head firmly and evenly, then add more stuffing to the arms.

  3. Use a crochet hook or chopstick to push the stuffing into tight corners.

  4. Avoid over-stuffing or under-stuffing as this can affect the shape and appearance of the octopus.

  5. Close up any openings with a tapestry needle and yarn in a matching color.

  6. Hide any knots by weaving them into the inside of the work.

  7. Trim any loose ends of yarn with scissors for a neat finish.

By following these simple stuffing and finishing techniques, you will have a cute and cuddly octopus plushie that will delight all ages!

Best Crochet Kit on Amazon

Additional Tips And Tricks For Success

To ensure your success in crocheting the free octopus pattern, here are some additional tips and tricks to keep in mind:

  1. Use the right yarn weight: The pattern calls for "worsted weight" yarn, but you can also use medium or aran weight yarns as a substitute. Just make sure that all of your materials have the same weight so that your project comes out even.

  2. Gauge swatch is key: Before you start, crochet a small sample piece (gauge swatch) using the recommended hook size and yarn. This will help you assess if your stitches are too loose or tight and adjust accordingly.

  3. Keep track of your stitches: To avoid mistakes when counting stitches, mark the beginning of each round using stitch markers or scraps of contrasting yarn.

  4. Stay consistent with tension: Be consistent with how tightly you hold your yarn and hook throughout the project to ensure even results.

  5. Stuffing matters: Stuff your octopus firmly enough to hold its shape but not so much that it bulges or stretches out of shape.

  6. Joining rounds smoothly : When joining rounds together, slip stitch into the first stitch rather than chaining up because this method creates a more seamless look.

By following these tips and tricks, you'll be able to crochet an adorable octopus plushie successfully with ease!

Crochet Kit with Free Video Course

Free Crochet Octopus Pattern Variations

In addition to the free crochet octopus pattern, Modda Hobby Kits also offer variations of amigurumi animals like amigurumi bee, amigurumi teddy bear, amigurumi dinosaur, and more.

The patterns include:

Each pattern includes clear and concise instructions with video tutorials available on Modda Hobby Kits' Free Crochet Video Course Platform.

Benefits And Next Steps For Crochet Enthusiasts

Crochet is a relaxing and creative hobby that can bring you many benefits such as stress relief, personalization of your favorite items, and the chance to create gifts or give back through charity.

Stress Relief And Relaxation

Crochet is not only a fun and creative hobby but can also be beneficial for stress relief and relaxation.

The rhythmic motions of stitching have been known to calm the mind and ease anxiety.

With Modda Hobby Kits' crochet octopus pattern, you can experience these benefits while creating an adorable stuffed animal.

Taking breaks from daily activities to focus on crochet projects helps clear the mind, inviting more relaxation into your life.

Plus, the satisfaction of finishing a project can boost confidence levels, further promoting well-being.

Modda Beginner Crochet kit for Adults

Creative Expression And Personalization

Crochet is a versatile hobby that allows for creative expression and personalization.

With the free crochet octopus pattern from Modda Hobby Kits, you can make an adorable toy that reflects your unique style and personality.

You can choose from a variety of colors to create an octopus in your favorite shade, or mix and match hues to create a fun and vibrant color scheme.

Moreover, crocheting provides many opportunities for customization beyond simply selecting colors.

You can adjust the size of your octopus by using different yarn weights or hook sizes; larger hooks will produce bigger stitches while smaller hooks will result in more intricate patterns.

Furthermore, advanced crocheters may even be able to modify the design of their octopus entirely by altering its shape or adding new elements like tentacles or eyes.

Free Crochet Amigurumi Patterns

Gift-giving And Charitable Opportunities

Another great benefit of the Modda Hobby Kits is that they offer gift-giving and charitable opportunities.

After mastering the free crochet octopus pattern, you can create adorable stuffed animals for your loved ones or donate them to a children's hospital or charity organization.

Additionally, the Modda Kit for Beginners offers patterns for various other crochet projects such as beautiful scarves, hats, bags, and more.

You can create customized gifts using different colors and patterns to suit each recipient's style and preferences.

Overall, crocheting is not only a fun hobby but also an excellent way to give back to those in need while showing your creativity through personalization options.

Learn to crochet easily

Next Steps For Continuing Crochet Education

Once you've mastered the free crochet octopus pattern from Modda Hobby Kits, there are endless possibilities for continuing your crochet education.

If you're looking to perfect your techniques and learn new stitches, consider joining a local crochet group or taking an online course.

Another way to continue learning is through trying more complex projects.

The Modda Crochet Kit for Beginners includes 11 additional free patterns that offer varying levels of difficulty, such as cute lil' pals turtle and dinosaur amigurumi toys.

Finally, don't underestimate the power of practice!

The more you crochet, the better you'll become.

Try challenging yourself with different yarns, colors or textures to add variety to your creations while enhancing your skills.

Modda Crochet Kit for Beginners

Conclusion And Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Modda Hobby Kits' free crochet octopus pattern with a video tutorial is a perfect opportunity for beginners to discover their passion for crocheting.

The kit comes equipped with everything one needs to start including yarns, accessories, and hooks.

With step-by-step instructions and tips on how to create an amigurumi octopus, this project can help you hone your crafting skills while also providing relaxation and stress relief.

Additionally, the included patterns for medium-sized and small-sized octopuses allow you to explore new variations of the adorable animal plushies.

Easy Crochet Patterns for Beginners


What materials do I need to crochet the octopus pattern from Modda Hobby Kits?

To make the free crochet octopus pattern, you will need a crochet hook, yarn in various colors, stuffing for the head and body of the octopus, safety eyes or buttons for embellishment, and a needle for weaving in ends.

Is it difficult to follow along with the video tutorial provided by Modda Hobby Kits?

The video tutorial is designed to be beginner-friendly and easy to follow along with even if you are new to crocheting. The instructor takes things slowly and clearly explains each step of the process.

Can I modify the free crochet octopus pattern from Modda Hobby Kits?

Yes! Feel free to experiment with different colors, adjust sizing or add additional details such as stripes or patterns. You can also use your own preferred type of yarn instead of what is suggested in the pattern.

What other projects does Modda Hobby Kits offer besides this free crochet octopus pattern and video tutorial?

Modda Hobby Kits offers a wide range of crafting kits that include everything you need to create various types of needlecrafts such as embroidery, cross-stitching, knitting and more.

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