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Essential Tools Included In The Best Crochet Kit For Beginners

Essential tools to crochet

Embarking on your crochet journey can be both exciting and overwhelming, but fear not!

Having the right tools in hand makes all the difference.

In this article, we'll dive into the essential components of the best crochet kit for beginners, ensuring you start off on the right foot.

From crochet hooks to yarn selections and other nifty accessories, we've got you covered with everything you need to begin creating beautiful projects in no time.

Key Takeaways

  • The best crochet kit for beginners should include essential tools like crochet hooks, yarn, scissors, stitch markers and measuring tape to get started.

  • For experienced crocheters looking to expand their skills or tool collection, advanced kits may also include blocking mats, row counters and tapestry needles.

  • Additionally, Online Video Courses and online communities can provide support and inspiration along the way.

Modda Crochet kit for Beginners

Basic Crochet Tools For Beginners

Crochet hooks are the most important tool in a beginner's kit, and they come in different sizes to create different stitch sizes.

Crochet Hooks

Crochet hooks are a fundamental tool for anyone looking to delve into the world of crocheting.

These hooks come in various sizes and materials, such as aluminum, plastic, or wood.

For beginners, it's beneficial to start with a kit that offers an assortment of crochet hooks in multiple sizes and materials.

This will provide you with options while learning how to create various stitch patterns and work on different yarn types.

For example, some may find aluminum hooks glide smoothly through their stitches while others prefer the warmth and grip provided by wooden hooks.

Ergonomic Crochet Hooks


Yarn plays a crucial role in any crochet project, making it one of the essential basic tools for beginners.

The type of yarn used can significantly affect the outcome of your creation and influence your experience as you learn to crochet.

For instance, natural fibers like wool offer excellent texture and warmth but may be more challenging to work with due to their elasticity.

When selecting a beginner crochet kit, ensuring that it includes high-quality yarn will make your initial projects enjoyable and successful.

Some kits come in a variety of colors so you can explore different combinations and develop your personal style.

Additionally, many beginner kits also provide yarn needles – an invaluable tool for weaving in loose ends and finishing projects seamlessly.

Modda Beginner Crochet kit for adults


Scissors are an indispensable tool in any crochet kit for beginners, providing a practical means for cutting yarn when working on projects.

It's essential to choose a pair that is sharp and precise, ensuring clean cuts without fraying the yarn.

Having the right pair of scissors can make all the difference in your crocheting experience, preventing frustration and saving time as you work through each new stitch.

Also, keeping this handy tool within easy reach helps reduce interruptions while working on your project.

Stitch Markers

Stitch markers are a must-have tool for any beginner in crochet.

These small tools are used to mark stitches while crocheting, which is incredibly helpful when working on multiple rows or patterns.

Locking stitch markers are especially useful because they can be opened and closed easily, making them perfect for marking the beginning of a round or indicating where to switch colors in a pattern.

A good beginner crochet kit should include stitch markers along with other essential tools like yarn, crochet hooks, scissors, and measuring tape.

Crochet tools to start crochet

Measuring Tape

Measuring tape is one of the essential tools included in the best crochet kit for beginners.

It may seem like a minor detail, but measuring tape is used for measuring the length and width of crochet projects.

A rigid ruler is the best tool for measuring gauge in crochet, but a flexible measuring tape comes in handy when you need to measure curved edges or circular projects such as hats or amigurumi.

Advanced Tools For Experienced Crocheters

Experienced crocheters may want to invest in blocking mats, row counters, stitch holders, tapestry needles, and stitch pattern books to take their projects to the next level.

Blocking Mats

Blocking mats are an essential tool for crocheters who want to achieve a professional-looking end product.

This advanced technique involves dampening your finished project and securing it to a board or mat, allowing it to dry in the desired shape.

While this may seem like an unnecessary step for beginners, even those just starting with crochet should consider investing in blocking mats and pins as they work towards improving their skills.

Crochet Supplies to learn crochet

Row Counters

Experienced crocheters know the importance of row counters as an essential accessory to keep track of stitches and rows.

A row counter is a small tool that helps you count the number of rows you have worked on your project, making it easier to maintain consistency throughout your crochet project.

Some beginner crochet starter kits may include a row counter as part of the essential tools.

Locking stitch markers are also a useful tool for crocheters and often included in some crochet starter kits.

Stitch Holders

Stitch holders are an advanced tool that experienced crocheters often use to store stitches without undoing the entire project.

They come in various sizes and shapes, such as U-shaped pins or rubber-tipped locking stitch markers, and can be used to hold live stitches for shaping or accentuating specific designs.

For example, if you're working on a sweater with a V-neckline, you may want to use stitch holders to separate the front and back shoulder stitches while you create the neckline.

It's essential to have some experience before using stitch holders since they require understanding crochet terminology and how to handle multiple active loops at once.

However, they can save time and make complicated projects more manageable.

Modda Beginner Crochet Set

Tapestry Needles

Tapestry needles are an essential tool for any crocheter, especially beginners.

These needles come in different sizes and shapes, but they all share a common purpose: to sew with yarn and weave in loose ends.

When choosing the right type of tapestry needle for your project, it's important to consider several factors such as the fabric you're using and the type of stitch you'll be making.

For example, blunt-tipped needles are great for bulky fabrics like wool or cotton while sharp-tipped ones work best on delicate materials like silk or satin.

Having the right tools, including tapestry needles, can increase your productivity, ease muscle strain and enhance your overall crocheting experience.

Stitch Patterns

Once you've mastered the basic crochet techniques, it's time to experiment with different stitch patterns. Stitch patterns are combinations of basic stitches that create unique textures and designs in your project.

Some popular stitch patterns for beginners include single crochet, double crochet, and half-double crochet.

A good beginner crochet kit should include instructions on how to do these different stitches and provide examples of easy-to-follow stitch patterns.

11 Free Crochet Patterns

How To Choose The Best Crochet Kit For Beginners

Consider your skill level, budget, and the quality of materials included in the kit.

Determine Your Skill Level

Before you start shopping for a crochet kit, it's important to determine your skill level.

As a beginner, it's best to choose kits that include basic materials such as yarn, hooks and easy-to-follow patterns.

If you're new to crocheting, look for kits that provide tutorials on the basics of crochet stitches like single or double crochet.

It's also essential to understand what type of project suits your expertise level so that you can select the right kit accordingly.

For beginners looking to make small projects like amigurumi dolls or scarves, a crochet starter kit with simple instructions is ideal.

Crochet Beanie Pattern

Consider Your Budget

It's important to consider your budget when choosing the best crochet kit for beginners.

There are many options available, ranging from budget-friendly kits to high-end ones.

Keep in mind that a more expensive kit may not necessarily be better for a beginner.

Look for a kit that includes everything you need to get started without breaking the bank.

Some affordable options can be found on websites like Amazon or Reddit, while larger craft stores like Michaels and Joanns also offer various levels of starter kits at different prices.

Also note that some kits may require additional purchases of yarn materials if you want to complete larger crochet projects beyond what is provided in the initial package - this should be taken into account when considering your budget before making any purchasing decisions.

Modda Crochet Beginner Kit for Kids

Look For Quality Materials

Choosing a high-quality crochet kit is essential when starting your first project.

Cheap materials may save you money, but they can also cause frustration and be difficult to work with.

When searching for the best crochet kit for beginners, keep an eye out for high-quality yarn such as 100% cotton or wool blends that will produce a soft, durable finished product.

The included hooks should also be made from sturdy material designed to glide smoothly through the yarn without snagging or breaking.

Quality stitch markers and holders are important for keeping track of where you are in your pattern, while a row counter allows you to easily keep count of your rows so that your final piece looks professional and polished.

Free Online Crochet Classes

Check For Included Instructions And Video Tutorials

Learning to crochet can be a daunting task, especially for beginners.

However, the good news is that many beginner crochet kits include step-by-step instructions and video tutorials to help you get started.

Clear and detailed instructions are essential for beginners when learning the basics of crochet.

Many kits come with written instructions accompanied by easy beginner-friendly patterns.

Additionally, several kits offer step-by-step video tutorials as an excellent way to learn how to crochet.

By following these guides, beginners can build their skills and confidence in crocheting while creating their first projects successfully.

Crochet Community

Consider The Value For Money

It's important to consider the value for money when choosing a crochet kit for beginners.

While some kits may seem more expensive than others, they may offer better quality materials or include additional tools that you would have to purchase separately otherwise.

For example, investing in a slightly pricier kit that includes a larger variety of hook sizes and colors of high-quality yarn can save you money in the long run by providing everything you need without having to make multiple purchases.

On the other hand, purchasing a cheaper kit with lower quality materials may end up costing you more if you have to replace them sooner than expected.

Modda Crochet Kit with Video Tutorials

Additional Resources And Free Patterns

Included in the best crochet kits for beginners are additional resources like a free crochet video course and access to crocheting communities for support and tips, as well as 11 free and easy crochet patterns from Modda Hobby Kits.

Included Crochet Video Course

The best crochet kit for beginners often includes a free video course that is designed to help newbies get started with crocheting.

This essential resource teaches the basics of crochet, including how to hold a hook, make basic stitches like single and double crochet, and read patterns.

The Crochet Academy offers an excellent video course that covers everything from materials to advanced techniques.

Additionally, some kits come with access to exclusive online communities where you can connect with other beginners and experienced crocheters for support, tips, and inspiration.

Join Crochet Community

Joining Crochet Communities For Support And Tips

Joining crochet communities is an excellent way to enhance your crocheting skills and gain support from other like-minded people.

These online groups offer valuable tips, techniques, and resources that can help you elevate your crochet game.

Moreover, these communities give you access to free patterns related to essential tools included in the best crochet kit for beginners.

You'll also learn about new trends in the world of crochet and discover fun challenges or contests that you can participate in to expand your skills.

11 Free And Easy Crochet Patterns For Beginners From Modda Hobby Kits

If you're looking for some free and easy crochet patterns to help kick-start your new hobby, Modda Hobby Kits has got you covered!

Here are 11 patterns designed specifically for beginners:

Each pattern includes clear and concise instructions with video tutorials available on Modda Hobby Kits' Free Crochet Video Course Platform.

Remember, all of these patterns are free and come included with Modda Hobby Kits' beginner crochet kit, which also includes everything else you need to get started on your new hobby!

Best Crochet kit for Beginners


Starting a new hobby like crocheting can be overwhelming, but with the right tools and resources, it can also be really rewarding.

A beginner crochet kit should include essential tools like crochet hooks, yarn, scissors, stitch markers, and measuring tape to get you started.

When choosing a crochet kit for beginners, make sure to consider your skill level and budget.

Look for quality materials that will last through multiple projects and check for included instructions or video tutorials.

With the help of these essential tools and resources like free patterns from Modda Hobby Kits' Beginner Crochet Kit & Video Course bundle; anyone can learn how to create beautiful pieces with just a bit of practice!

Don't wait any longer - start exploring the world of crocheting today!

Learn to crochet with free video course

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a learn to crochet kit?

A: A learn to crochet kit is a package of essential tools and materials designed for beginners to start learning how to crochet.

Q: What are the best crochet starter kits available in the market?

A: Some of the best crochet starter kits available in the market are: Modda Crochet Kits for Beginners with Free Crochet Video Course and Crochet Community.

Q: Can I crochet a blanket using a blanket crochet kit?

A: Yes, you can easily crochet a blanket using a blanket crochet kit that includes all the necessary tools and materials.

Q: What is included in a crochet blanket kit?

A: A crochet blanket kit typically includes various sizes of crochet hooks, a set of stitch markers, tapestry needles, and the required amount of yarn to make a blanket.

Free Crochet Classes Near Me

Q: Can I crochet in the round with a basic crochet kit?

A: Yes, you can crochet in the round with a basic crochet kit that includes a set of crochet hooks and round stitch markers.

Q: Is a crochet basket kit available in the market?

A: Yes, there are a variety of crochet basket kits available in the market that come with all the materials and instructions to make a crochet basket.

Q: What is a DIY crochet kit?

A: A DIY crochet kit is a set of materials and instructions provided to make a crochet item without the need for prior crochet experience.

Q: Can I get a collection of crochet patterns in a crochet kit?

A: Yes, Modda crochet kits for beginners come with 11 Free crochet patterns that beginners can follow.

Q: What is included in a crochet for beginners kit?

A: A crochet for beginners kit usually includes basic crochet stitches tutorials, crochet hooks in sizes suitable for beginners, and sufficient yarn to start crocheting.

Q: Can I get a crochet kit made from wool?

A: Yes, there are crochet kits available in the market that are made from wool or wool blend yarn that are perfect for making trendy and warm crochet items.

Modda Crochet Kit for Beginners

Q: What is included in the best crochet kit for beginners?

A: The best crochet kit for beginners usually comes with everything you need to get started with your first crochet project. This typically includes yarn, different sizes of crochet hooks, and basic crochet patterns and instructions.

Q: Do all beginner crochet kits come with patterns and instructions?

A: Yes, most beginner crochet kits come with easy-to-follow patterns and instructions to guide you through the process of making your first crochet projects. But Modda Crochet Kits also come with Video tutorials.

Q: What types of projects can I make with a beginner crochet kit?

A: Beginner crochet kits usually include patterns and materials for basic projects like scarves, hats, small amigurumi creatures, and dishcloths.

Q: Can I make a blanket with a beginner crochet kit?

A: Yes, there are crochet blanket kits specifically designed for beginners that come with all the yarn and instructions you need to create a simple blanket.

Q: What is amigurumi crochet and can I make it with a beginner crochet kit?

A: Amigurumi crochet is the art of creating small, stuffed animals or creatures with yarn and a crochet hook. While it may not be included in all beginner crochet kits, some kits do come with materials and instructions for making your own amigurumi creatures.

Q: What should I look for when buying a crochet kit?

A: When buying a crochet kit, consider the variety of projects it offers, the quality of the materials included, and whether or not it comes with instructions and/or patterns that are easy to follow.

Q: Can I buy a crochet kit without a crochet hook?

A: It is possible to buy a crochet kit without a crochet hook, but most beginner kits do come with hooks in a variety of sizes to help you create different types of stitches.

Q: What is the difference between metal and plastic crochet hooks?

A: Metal crochet hooks are often smoother and faster to work with than plastic hooks. However, plastic hooks are often more comfortable to hold and can be easier on your hands if you plan on working on a project for an extended period of time.

Free Online Crochet Classes

Q: Are there beginner crochet kits for kids?

A: Yes, Modda Crochet Kits for Beginners are specifically designed for kids that come with age-appropriate patterns and materials to help them learn to crochet.

Q: Is crochet a difficult skill to learn?

A: While learning to crochet may take some practice and patience, it is generally considered to be an easy skill to learn. With the right beginner crochet kit and some dedication, you can quickly learn to create beautiful and functional projects with yarn.

Q: What is a crochet kit?

A: A crochet kit typically includes all the necessary tools and materials needed to complete a specific crochet project. It is designed to provide beginners with an easy way to learn crochet without the need to purchase additional yarn or tools.

Q: What are the essential tools included in a crochet kit?

A: The tools included in a crochet kit may vary depending on the specific project, but typically include a set of crochet hooks, yarn needles, stitch markers, and a pair of scissors.

Q: What types of projects can I make with a crochet kit?

A: Crochet kits can be designed to create a wide variety of projects, including blankets, garments, stuffed animals, and more. Modda Crochet kits also include free crochet patterns and video tutorials to help guide beginners through the process.

Q: Can I use my own yarn with a crochet kit?

A: Yes, you can use your own yarn with a crochet kit, but it is important to make sure that the yarn is of a similar weight and texture to the yarn included in the kit to achieve the best results.

Q: What is the best crochet kit for beginners?

A: The best crochet kit for beginners is one that includes all the essential tools needed to learn crochet in an easy way. We suggest Modda Crochet Kits for Beginners with Free Crochet Video Course.

Q: How is yarn made for crochet kits?

A: Yarn for crochet kits is typically made from a variety of different materials, including wool, cotton, and synthetic fibers. The yarn is spun to create a thread-like material that can be used for crocheting.

Modda Crochet kit for Beginner Kids

Q: What is the easiest way for beginners to learn crochet?

A: The easiest way for beginners to learn crochet is by using a crochet kit that includes all the necessary tools, materials, patterns, and also Video Tutorials needed to complete a specific project. Kits take out the guesswork, making it easier to get started.

Q: Do crochet kits include enough yarn to complete the project?

A: Most crochet kits include enough yarn to complete the project as designed. However, some larger projects may require additional yarn to be purchased separately.

Q: Can I crochet without a kit?

A: Yes, you can crochet without a kit by purchasing materials separately. However, a kit is a great way for beginners to get started without having to purchase each individual tool and material.

Q: Can a crochet kit be used for advanced crochet as well?

A: Yes, a crochet kit can be used for advanced crochet projects as well. However, more advanced crocheters may prefer to purchase materials separately and design their own projects.

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